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About Us

Welcome to Run Free Running Club, founded by us, Brandon and Adriana Fravel, in 2017. We're two passionate runners with a love for both trails and road running. When we started this club, we wanted more than just a running group—we wanted to build a community where we could meet like-minded people who share our passion for running and the outdoors.

Our motto, ‘Run Free, Be Free,’ embodies our belief in the healing power of both nature and running. We believe that spending time in nature is rejuvenating and that running is not only good for the body but also for the mind and spirit.

Running is our way to connect—not only with nature but also with ourselves and others. It’s meditative, providing us with the opportunity to zone out, reflect, and find peace amidst life’s chaos.

So, whether you’re chasing that runner’s high on a challenging trail or pounding the pavement for some stress relief, you’ll find a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts here at Run Free. Come join us as we hit the trails, explore new routes, and celebrate the joy of running together. Let’s make every step count, both on the road and in life.

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