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Online Coaching

Are you ready to take your running to the next level? Are you new to running and need to know where to start? I've help multiple athletes reach their full potential through a running program that helps you reach PR's. I will develop a weekly online program that will fit your needs and wants. Each program will consist of:

-Weekly Workouts

-Strength Training Exercises

-Mobility Videos

-Weekly 30 Minute Phone Calls

-Weekly Check in Via Email or Text


Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Let me help you reach your full potential. 

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I met Brandon Jan 23’ through an event with @socaltrail. I found out he had a background in ultra running and he was a running coach. He was very enthusiastic about my goal in racing my first 100 miler. We had a consultation detailing where my foundation was, when my event was, and the path to get there. I knew Brandon was the best fit for me to reach my goal so we got started!


Already having a marathon and 50k background I needed Brandon to take me to the next level to prepare me for my goal. His programming helped build a solid foundation for me predicated on speed work, hill work, conditioning, and race specific training, all while progressively increasing my mileage week over week to get my body acclimated to the demands of my goal.


Great coaches take you places where you don’t necessarily want to go but need to go in order to be successful. He pushed me by layering in back to back long runs, overnight runs, running in a sleep deprived state, and testing all gear and nutrition on the trails. Everything I needed to experience before race day which took more then 24 hours of continuous effort.


For anyone looking to get into running for any distance up to the 100 mile ultra, Brandon is your guy. The programming is top notch, the mid week check-in’s kept me focused and the end of the week coaching calls helped keep the flow of training on track and dialed in. We celebrate the wins together and we battle the struggles together. His approach leaves you feeling how much he cares about the outcome of your goals.

Wesley Edwards

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