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Our Philosophy

Run Free Running Club was started not only to help local runners achieve their goals and dreams, but also help runners with their mind and spirit. We truly believe anything is possible if you have the right mindset through daily meditations, positive affirmations and setting the right intentions before exercise. We welcome all runners from all levels to join us on road and trail runs.


Our Services

What We Offer

As a certified ISSA Personal Trainer I will put a weekly strength training program to help you achieve your fitness goals. Each plan will be personalize based on equipment you have or what a gym may offer. Personal training can be done in person or though zoom. 


As a certified UESCA & VDOT Running Coach, I will create a personalize weekly running & strength program that will help you reach your goals in running. We will incorporate techniques & drills that will improve running form, preventing injuries & establishing a positive mindset!

Group Runs & Hikes

We do group road runs around Camariilo CA & trail runs in Ventura County. Also, we will host hikes in Ventura County. All levels are welcome! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Strava to stay connected & in the loop for our adventures.

Mindset Training

Overcoming the mind is one of the hardest parts in becoming a success athlete or person in today's world. With techniques we learned,  we can help you reprogram your mind. DON'T LET THE MIND LIMIT YOU!


Coach Brandon has helped me prep for my obstacle course races and is currently helping me prep for my first marathon next year. He’s a chatter box when we go on trail runs, which helps the experience be more fun. He’s also a great coach in overall fitness and healthy lifestyle. Looking forward in working with him more in improving my endurance.

-Donny Regner


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