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No Limitations

During the coronavirus, everything has basically shut down, even the trails. We are fortunate enough that we are able to run in our neighborhood. It’s not the same as being out in the mountains or seeing the views we are used to seeing. Instead of taking what we have for granted, we turned it around as a positive. Seeing all the beautiful messages on the side walks written in chalk by kids. The messages with rainbows reminds me that after the storm a rainbow always shines through. Seeing motivational message as “We got this” or “stay positive” just puts tears in my eyes. As I write some of the chalk messages I see, I can’t help but to get emotional. Just a simple message like those can really be uplifting. People are more friendly and actually will wave, smile, or ask how you’re day is going. Before it seemed as if everyone was too busy to do simple things like that. Even within our neighborhood we have been seeing boxes of fruit people have from their trees with a sign to “Please enjoy these oranges.” We are seeing the true meaning of neighborly. Before all of the chaos, I don’t remember much of us being this kind towards strangers because again life had most of us too busy.

No matter where you are, the most important thing you can do is really connect to the divine, your higher self, or whatever it is you believe in through meditation. This is the time to really go inward. The time to release anything that no longer serves you. Finding different ways of inner peace within yourself. Maybe you might even want to journal your challenges and the limitations you have created for yourself. What has been holding you back? What are you so afraid of? I find the I Am statement to be very profound and powerful affirmation. I write in my journal daily with the I Am statement and then I say it in my head to really get the message across. I am perfectly healthy is just one example I use. I love to listen to Louise Hay affirmations or meditate with Dr. Wayne Dyer I AM Meditation. These are just some of the ways to help me connect and attain a higher vibration.

When all of this first went down with coronavirus, I knew it would head over here to the states. I find myself saying at times man my intuition is always spot on and scary with how I have this knowing, but it’s a gift that I’m thankful I have. I was living in fear thinking oh my gosh what if something happens to me or Brandon, who will take care of Cody. That was one of my constant worries. Or even going out in public scared me! I realized I cannot be living like this anymore, living in fear! That is not me and I choose to live in peace and having complete faith in the Divine. I surrendered all of my fears to God and the angels. I told them I do NOT want this feeling, take it away. I found prayer again because of the pandemic. Aside going inward, I pray daily now. Before I didn’t pray as much, I had faith but just went somewhat with the flow. My connection to the universe is stronger than ever. I have made so many changes to my life the past month and couldn’t be more grateful.

So why did I put limits on myself? I really don’t know and it doesn’t matter anymore at this point. I have finally realized that I am an unlimited being and can do anything! No more being hard on myself over my running or making self judgments. What does that even do? Absolutely nothing! The last and final inward to work on is to love yourself. Yes I said to love yourself. I know it can be challenging, I even struggle with this one. I had an eating disorder since I was a teen all the way until recent. It’s really hard for me to accept my body and that is one of my struggles. I have come a long way though from that, in which I will share in a later blog. I can finally talk about my eating disorder without getting so emotional and not let it define me as a person. I am slowly falling in love with myself and it is a beautiful process. The overall message I want to share with you is do not put limitations on yourself, no matter what the situation.

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